Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Real Estate

We handle all aspects of residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate transactions and offer title services through Black Swamp Title Agency, LLC, including:

  • Draft or review sales contracts
  • Draft or review lease agreements
  • Search and clear title
  • Conduct closings
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Zoning, land-use, and building permits
  • Title disputes
  • Boundary and easement disputes
  • Eminent domain issues

Trust and Estate Planning

Trust and Estate planning requires the assistance of an experienced professional. We assist clients in developing estate plans to address individual needs and goals and identifying the best plan to meet those needs and goals. Common trust and estate planning often includes the preparation of: 

  • Last Will and Testament 
  • Living Trusts 
  • General Power of Attorney 
  • Health Care Power of Attorney 
  • Living Will 
  • Business succession planning documents 

Probate Estate and Trust Administration

Most people have never experienced the probate estate administration process or the formalities of administering a trust. We counsel and guide clients through both processes, assisting with the following:

  • Filing the Last Will and Testament and the necessary paperwork and accounts with the probate court 
  • Advising trustees in the administration of their duties 
  • Transferring assets from the deceased to the beneficiaries 
  • Valuing, managing, and preserving the assets of the deceased for the benefit of the beneficiary 

Family Law

Legal issues regarding your family can be emotional and highly sensitive.  We counsel and assist our clients in determining the best process for handling family issues and give our clients advice regarding the likely outcomes for each individual circumstance. We guide our clients through all stages of their process regarding the following matters:

  • Divorce
  • Dissolution
  • Separate Property Analysis
  • Child Custody
  • Paternity
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support & Modifications 
  • Antenuptial Agreements
  • Grandparent Rights or Non-Parent Rights
  • Adoptions/Surrogacy 
  • Child Protection Proceedings
  • Civil Protection Orders

Employment Law:

The employment relationship can create numerous legal issues. Both employers and employees turn to us to represent them on a large variety of employment and labor issues.  Our attorneys are well-versed in the issues confronting employers and employees, including:

  • Providing advice and counsel regarding practical and effective human resources practices including EEO/discrimination, FMLA, employment contracts, grievances and arbitration, litigation, wage and hour
  • Routine hiring, firing, and retention challenges
  • Drafting of contracts, employee handbooks and corporate policies to govern relationships among employers, employees, independent contractors, and temporary and leased employees
  • Assistance in significant business restructuring and its related employment impacts
  • Employment discrimination, sexual harassment wrongful termination
  • Enforcement of employment contracts and severance agreements

Corporate/Business Law & Transactions

We work to develop long-term relationships with our clients in which our attorneys serve as trusted strategic, as well as legal, advisors.  We provide advice to our clients on a broad range of business legal issues, from selection of the entity best suited to accomplish the goals of the start-up client, through the expansion strategies of the mature business.  Our attorneys stand ready to assist in:

  • Business breakups
  • Business organizational and financial restructuring and recapitalization
  • Business strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Formation and general representation of entities of all types, and individually owned and controlled businesses
  • General ongoing representation of entities of all types inclusive of corporations, municipalities, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships and sole proprietorships
  • Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions of businesses 
  • Financing, refinancing, and work-outs; negotiation and preparation of commercial, transactional and other contracts

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The attorneys at Rupp, Hagans, Bohmer, Newton, Harmon & Rohrs, are trained to utilize alternative dispute resolution processes to assist you in your legal needs.  Several of the lawyers are trained mediators, evaluators, or parenting coordinators, and can be retained to assist you in resolving any ongoing dispute you may have.

  • Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates discussion between parties to help them reach a voluntary agreement resolving their dispute. The mediator does not make decisions for the parties, but helps craft the terms of an agreement that is agreeable to all parties.
  • In an Early Neutral Evaluation, the parties submit their dispute to a neutral evaluator who can assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case and offer insight into a likely outcome if the case were to proceed to trial before a judge.  This process allows parties to obtain an opinion about the case which can assist parties and lawyers in identifying the issues, exchanging information, and facilitating resolution.
  • A Parenting Coordinator is authorized by agreement of the parties or by court order to assist parents in making decisions regarding their children, parenting and financial issues related to their court order.  A parenting coordinator is often used in high conflict cases to remove the parties from the court process and to develop communication and cooperation between the parents.  Often a parenting coordinator can prevent a case from having to return to court.